Mary Krygiel presents:


A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity


What if Traditional Wisdom Held the Key to Unlocking Hidden Superpowers?

Can we gain renewed insight from ancient systems and discover tools to lead a balanced life of joy and authenticity today?

Can we become sovereigns of our own selves?

Yes! And Reign: A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity is your manual to do just that!

Lines of Energy

After studying nature for centuries, the ancient Chinese identified twelve meridian lines of energy present in every person. These course through each of us in a continuous cycle and are the basis of acupuncture treatment.

These meridians can become imbalanced due to lifestyle choices, stress, and trauma, causing them to clash and leaving us living in conflicting dysfunctional patterns.

What if you could balance these energies and harness them to deliberately reshape and transform your life?

What if you could turn them into your own unique superpowers?

You can!

The Five Elemental Realms

Traditional Chinese Medicine clinician and author Mary Krygiel acts as your cartographer as you map these five elemental realms:

  • The Fire Realm
  • The Earth Realm
  • The Metal Realm
  • The Water Realm
  • The Wood Realm

As you investigate, imagine yourself as a medieval explorer. The journey through these realms is a metaphor we can use to navigate the twelve energies and find our way to living a balanced, empowered life.

After your journey, you'll understand the pitfalls you may encounter in modern society when you emphasize one elemental realm over the others.

And you’ll be equipped to start activating your own hidden capabilities today.

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"I loved the content, creativity and illustrations in this book!"


Tom Anderson

"A great roadmap to learning more about yourself and others."


Amanda Reynolds

Mary Krygiel

About the Author

Mary Krygiel earned her master’s degree in acupuncture in 2011 and went on to become a board-certified, licensed acupuncturist classically trained in the Law of Five Elements. It was through her most important role as a mother of two young adults that she first realized the increasing pressure to conform to a false positive persona on social media. Correlating this newfound insight with her knowledge of the twelve meridians of energy led to her most profound work, the writing of this book.

Are you ready to begin your journey to the five realms and skillfully harness your inner superpowers?

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